1) All contestants, dressers, etc. must be of legal drinking age in the state of Nebraska and possess a valid photo identification.

2) Contest application and bio form must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm Sunday, August 18th, 2019. The bio form will be sent to contestants via email after the application is received.

3) Mr. Nebraska Leather contestants are required to provide all the information in the application. At the contestant registration on Friday, August 23rd, 2019, you will be required to sign a contestant agreement, including a photo release stating that you will be attending Nebraska Leather events and your photo may be used on the internet and other media pertaining to Nebraska Leather.

4) Contestant and Performer walkthrough will be held on Thursday, August 22nd at 7pm at The Max. All contestants are required to attend.

5) Failure to appear at designated events can result in disqualification. Nebraska Leather reserves the right to remove a contestant from the competition at any time for just cause.

6) Contestants are allowed one (1) assistant in the dressing area.

7) Titleholder must identify as male throughout the title year.

8) Results of the judges will be final.





A series of interview questions to understand the contestants background, knowledge, and goals as titleholder.

Pecs & Personality

Be ready for random questions that let your personality shine. The least amount of clothing is encouraged! (Must follow decency laws)

Bar Wear

Show off your ‘night on the town’ look in your gear.


Get Creative! Be ready to act out your favorite fantasy scene! The scene must be performed without using any spoken words by the contestant or guests. It may include a narrative to be read by the emcee, set to music, and may include up to two (2) other individuals to help complete the scene.

rights & regulations

1) Titleholder shall represent the Nebraska Leather/Fetish community at various events locally, regionally, and nationwide. This also includes the Sunday brunch event post contest.

2) Titleholder shall represent the community with dignity and professionalism at all times. Titleholder shall not drink to the point of intoxication while representing the community or wearing the title vest/sash.

3) Titleholder shall wear title vest/sash at leather-based events.

4) Titleholder shall be responsible for coordinating at least 3 events in the state during the title year. One event shall be held at the Max Omaha and one at the Omaha Mining Company. The third event is to be held at a location chosen by the titleholder. Events should involve fundraising to help raise money for Nebraska Leather and the travel fund. 

5) Titleholder shall represent Nebraska Leather in the annual Heartland Pride parade and festival.

6) Titleholder may wear vest/sash while at nonleather functions. Item #2 applies at all times while wearing the vest/sash.

7) Titleholder is encouraged to wear vest/sash while traveling for regional/nationwide leather/ fetish-based events. Item #2 applies at all times while wearing the vest/sash.

8) Titleholder is encouraged to seek out new possible contestants for future Nebraska Leather contests.

9) Failure to comply with these rights/ responsibilities may result in the titleholder being disqualified. If the titleholder is disqualified, the titleholder is required to turn in any ‘colors’ that have been issued, including, but not limited to, the title sash and any patches.

click here to download an application

applications must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm Sunday, August 18, 2019.