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AUGUST 23-25, 2019



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Michael Claar, Mr. Nebraska Leather 2019

Michael Claar, Mr. Nebraska Leather 2019 has been involved in the leather/kink community for 5 years.  During his year as Mr. Nebraska Leather Michael has invited people of all aspects of the community to experience leather through hosting leather social hours. Michael took leather to unconventional events such as holiday lights party bus and a live band show.  Michael took Nebraska Leather international by attending Leather & Fetish Pride in Antwerp, Belgium.  It has been an honor to represent Nebraska as Mr. Nebraska Leather 2019. 

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Bill Dudley, Mr. Nebraska Leather 2017

During his title year Bill traveled across the region representing

Nebraska in Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., Ohio, and

of course Chicago to compete for International Mr. Leather.  He

identifies as pansexual and polyamorous, working to increase

visibility of bisexual+ individuals and promoting gender inclusiveness

in the leather and kink communities. He has presented three times to

different medical groups including staff, faculty and students on the

topic of health issues for bisexuals.

As a member of Titans of the Midwest, he specializes in classes on

electro-stim. He can be found at Gear Nights and other events, often with a violet wand, flogger, or rope in hand, happily demonstrating techniques on willing victims. He is currently working with other people in our local community to launch River City SEARCH, a new inclusive leather/kink/fetish group. This group will work to organize social, educational, and charitable events; and of course, play parties!

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well, from one title into four: Mr. Iowa Leather, Ms. Iowa Leather, Iowa Bear and Iowa Puppy, each sending their respective Iowa Leather titleholders to represent Iowa in international competition at International Mr. Leather, Women of Drummer, North American Bear and International Puppy & Handler Weekend.

Jeremy’s commitment to serving his community is evident in his founding of multiple organizations to provide spaces for marginalized LGBT groups. He is the founder of Team Friendly Iowa, working to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS, the founder of Titans of the Midwest, a Midwest regional fraternal organization within the fetish communities currently spanning most Midwest states, and the founder of Kink U, a kink and fetish educational program now in every Midwest community. 

For his substantial work in creating new spaces and organizing the Midwestern fetish community, Jeremy was awarded the Midwest Regional Pantheon of Leather Award. He has been a featured presenter at CLAW (Cleveland Leather Alliance Weekend), joined the staff of International Mr. Leather as International Mr. Bootblack Coordinator in 2017, and is also the first Iowan to judge both International Mr. Leather & International Puppy contests.

In addition to his regional responsibilities, being active in the Des Moines community is equally as important to Jeremy. He is a former Capital City Pride marketing director and has been involved in many local LGBT organizations such as the Corn Haulers Leather & Levis Club, Capital Bears, One Iowa, Floodstock, Nationwide Pride ARG, First Friday Breakfast Club, and the Midwest AIDS Project.

In his spare time, Jeremy participates in events with Pride Sports League, Capital City Bears, Capital City Pride, Titans of the Midwest, Corn Haulers, CIPEX, MiLK, First Friday Breakfast Club and One Iowa.

Jeremy lives in Des Moines with his Furkids and his partners Des & Dylan and enjoys a large and loving polyamorous family around the country. 

Jeremy Morris. Mr. Iowa Leather 2012, Executive

Producer of Iowa Leather Weekend &

International Mr. Leather Staff as IMBB Coordinator

Since his title year, he has transformed the weekend into

one of the fastest growing fetish events in the country,

shattering the perception of Iowa as a fetish world “fly-over

state.”  Originally a one-night bar gathering, Iowa Leather

Weekend is now a three-day event, spanning four venues

with attendance expanding rapidly.  The contest has grown as

Luck Markstone, Ms. Iowa Leather 2015

A member of the Titans of the Midwest, and the Onyx Pearls South

East, Luck Markstone, Ms. Iowa leather 2015 identifies as a pup to

Handler Girl Complex, and momma Tray. They enjoy belly rubs,

cuddles, fruit snacks, hot dogs and (especially orange hi-c juice

boxes). Luck advocates and represents the idea of individuality, being

true to ones' self, and thinking outside of the box. They are also

adamant about promoting self expression. Luck believes that we have

to Rehumanize the way we live, teach, and engulf ourselves in this

community because seeing adults who don't look like you is

dehumanizing for many people of color and individuals who do not identify as a cis-gendered individual. They flag red, hunter green, yellow and navy blue on the right, and fuchsia on both. Overall they identify as a power bottom and pillow queen, whose hole is almost always open and willing. Luck has been afforded the opportunity to Tally Master for International Mr. Leather, and judge contests from Iowa Leather Weekend, to other events in at least seven other states. Luck currently serves on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend and continues to serve as an active member of their community.

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(DaddyCakes) Kylon

Kylon solidified his passion for Leather and kink, when his first leather

harness was purchased for him, by his first Daddy, at the age of 18.

Since that time, he's been a youth activist and advocate, fiercely

advocating for LGBTQ+ youth and youth experiencing homelessness.

DaddyCakes takes great pride in working toward a more sex, body, and

kink-positive community. He believes in the full integration of healthy

living and is transparent about his kink life, to all who ask.

Kylon is one of the founding fathers of LORE (Leatherfolk Of REcovery),

the Midwest's kinky club for Leatherfolk involved in 12-step recovery. As

a Dom, he mentors up and coming Leatherfolk on their journey of leather, recovery, or both. Daddy to many, Sir to a few, and boy--on rare occasion, he believes in doing leather ‘his’ way and looks forward to serving on the esteemed judges’ panel.

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Louie Ramrod, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2019

Louie Ramrod holds the title of Mr. Long Beach Leather 2018.  During

his title year, he has worked on growing and making the Leather

Community in Long Beach more welcoming and inclusive, by providing

representation and visibility to minorities and people of color. He

advocates for the de-stigmatization of mental illness and has raised

funds to make mental health services accessible to queer youth.

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Tommy Rosengren, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2019

Tommy was chosen as Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2019 on Nov. 17, 2018. He

is a boy of service helping out at events all over the country and world

and since 2013, he has been an official contestant handler at the IML

contest. He has been collared as a bratty boyo to Sir Conor of Ireland 

since 2016. Tommy is a writer, theatre director, and educator.  He lifts

people up daily through his KALEIDOSCOPE posts on Facebook.  His

goal for the year and beyond is to SPREAD POSITIVITY wherever he


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